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Howdy y'all!

So I posted once before, some time last year, met some cool people, and figured I might as well write another post. I'm Mike, 32 (almost 33), and have been on lj since '05, though most of my original lj friends don't post to or read lj anymore. I live in Austin, TX (southwestern U.S., more or less) and work for a software company. I think a lot about sustainability and what the future will be like and sometimes about oppression and privilege. I mostly write about my daily life and whatever I'm thinking about that seems worth writing down. I'm part of a group trying to start a housing co-op and am also on the board of a student housing co-op organization (as a community trustee), so sometimes I write about those things and about local politics when it intersects with things that I'm doing. I'm totally blind, which likely colors my lj sometimes (no pun intended). Anyway, add me if you'd like. :)


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