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Thє Silly Moosє-Kαtєєr

I found the greatest love of all.

My name is Valerie, a twenty-eight-year-old girl who lives in southwestern Quebec. Yes, I am french-canadian. I am an only child. I have lost my Dad from a heart attack one week before my fourth birthday. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was twenty-one. I am the friend of some and the enemy of others. What I do like the most is to meet new friends. I am more than curious to know a bit more about the cultures of my friends.

A good buddy of mine has converted me into the show Supernatural during the summer 2011. I became a Castiel!Girl. Since I do not have The CW on my television, I watch the show online. On September 30th of the same year, my life has been changed forever. I have started to like Sam Winchester more and this friend became the Dean to my Sam forever. I love her so much.

I must say that I do tend to obsess a bit (too much) over the couple of Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese. They are soulmates since the beginning in my book. You must deal with it. They are my OTP for now and for always. The Padalecki’s have one child. A baby boy named Thomas Colton, born on March 19th 2012, whom is the cutest baby ever.

I also have a huge respect for Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris. Yes, Supernatural is my life. If you cannot handle it, you better leave now. I became hooked by the show pretty quickly. I love all actors and actresses from the show, but I fell very hard for the character of Sam.

Since I was a Castiel!Girl in the beginning of the summer, there is no doubt that I still have a little something for Misha Collins and Vicki Vantoch. They too have a son, West. And recently, they got a baby girl. I like to believe that West and Thomas will be best friends growing up. Now I am waiting for the couple of Jensen and Danneel to make a baby together so the trio of best friends became real. That would be too adorable to imagine them having fun together.

You are more than free to add me as a friend if we share a few common interests. I do not bite (much). You will find personal thoughts and squee ramblings in my journal. If you do not like it, do not bother. If you think that we might click, do not hesitate, leave me a comment here or on my friends only entry. Thanks for reading. And I hope to meet some of you soon.

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