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Hello everyone

Hi all~
I'm mayu, in my 20s and from Singapore.
I'm working as a freelance English/Japanese translator as of now.

What I post
Because of my wide range of interests, my livejournal can be rather random sometimes.

It's where I post about about anime, games, dramas and movies that I've watched, my drawings and fanart, as well as random events of my current life and past experiences (mostly about my life when I lived in Japan). However, one thing to note is that, many of my entries involve some degree of Boylove/Yaoi/shounen Ai, so if you're offended by such stuff, please turn away and I'm sure you'll find other interesting people in this community. :3

Here are a few of my main obsessions from my endless list of interests :
anime, manga, movies, reading, jpop, jrock, Gackt, Shinhwa, Jay Chou, Takarazuka, drawing, writing, traveling, boylove, Japan

I mainly blog in English, but being a Chinese and having majored in Japanese Studies and lived in Japan for 2 years, I occassionally blog in Chinese and Japanese too. Anyone who needs help in translation or advices regarding Japan is very welcomed to look for me. :D

I'm looking for...
I enjoy getting to know people, or actually, peeking into the quiet or perhaps exciting lives of strangers and finding common grounds that might make us great friends. Do pop by my LJ if my entry has sparked your interest, and comment/add if you think we could start a simple friendship. :D

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