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Well hello wonderful people of Livejournal. 

My name is Gabe, I'm 21, and I've been on LJ for... nearing about 10 years with probably the same number of journals? I'm back on LJ to take sort of a break from the impersonal feel of Tumblr and just kind of... the pressure to create a blog that other people will like and validate and follow over there and figure my own stuff out, a bit. My plan is to consistently journal throughout 2013, to uphold my resolutions for the new year and generally just to check in with myself and my life more than I have been recently.

Things I'm interested in! Music - this one band in particular! - and books, books, books, all kinds of books, every kind of book. I'm fascinated by other people's lives and storytelling. The written word is definitely how I connect with people and make sense of the world around me. Recently I've been interested in Wicca and witchcraft, although I remain an atheist at heart - but don't let that deter you because, despite that, I am endlessly fascinated by religion and the experiences of others through religion. I love hearing positive stories and experiences from people about their faith and their god and the community that it gives to them. 

Another notable thing about me, I guess, is that this year I got married to one of my favorite people in the entire world? I'm still kind of in the honeymoon phase with that so I ramble on about my wife a lot, haha. Both of us, right now, are obsessed with Teen Wolf and Once Upon A Time. I also have a soft spot for Fringe, because reasons. Also I am a giant fandom geek, so even if you and I don't share a fandom I'd still love to be friends! It wouldn't be the first time I've gotten sucked into someone else's fandom through hearing passionate rants about ships or characters or fan theories. I've also been known to write fic for people on occasions...

So that's me, I guess. I try to comment on friends' entries and keep track of their lives because you are all wonderful, fascinating people and I look forward to hearing from you. Hope you are all well and happy holidays!

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