peterisdead69 (peterisdead69) wrote in add_me,

Lets Be friends! :D

I suck at intros but ill do my best. anyways... my name is Pedro but everybody calls me Peter.
Im 19 Years old,
I tend to lean towards the darker side of life.
I live in Palmdale ,California
I hope to move to NYC by june c:
Im going to school to become a Genetic engineer.
It doesnt matter if you are Black, Blue, Pink, green, Polkadot or a horse. I am a universal person and will talk to anybody and I Accept everyone the way they are!

I like all types of music, From suicide commando to country to Lady Gaga! (minus the garbage on the radio) I listen to a lot of bands, Im a Huge Avenged Sevenfold fan! and some of my favorite bands are, The 69 Eyes, Bullet for my vallentine, Scary kids scaring kids, Skinny puppy, H.I.M, Baracuda, Billy Idol, Bless the fall, The cure, The Killers, Misfits, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Pinkly Smooth, Skid Row, Montley crue, and well.... the list goes on and on but these are from the top of my head! haha dont assume I hate a band or artist, always ask!
I love Dancing, I can Melborne/Hardstyle shuffle, dance Industrial, and Tecktonik!
Im a musician and I Love to get scared, I enjoy stuff like, aliens, Ghosts, Paranormal things and Cryptids.
I have a Dark sense of humor and a weird one... but having a dark sense of humor doesnt mean im gonna laugh at misfortunes. if anything You can tell any type of joke to me and I wont get offended and a joke can be so laame and corny that it will be funny.
soooo just add me and i'll Add back!!
I hope we can become good chums!

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