snow_white1221 (snow_white1221) wrote in add_me,

I'm Back!

Hello all! I used to be on LiveJournal about 10 years ago and I have made a promise to myself that I would start verbalizing my thoughts and feelings rather than ignoring them. So, I returned to LiveJournal, started a journal at home, and started a Q & A a day journal. I'm 27 and I'm a stay at home wife. My husband acquired his PhD in Pharmacy in June so we recently moved to the Cleveland area for his job. A few things about me:

Activities: Baking, Cake Decorating, looking for volunteer oportunities in my community, Notre Dame Football and photography.
Movies: Tommy Boy, Halloween (all of them), A Time to Kill, Grandma's Boy, Super Troopers, Clerks, Disney movies, Book of Eli, The Fourth Kind, Insidious, This is It, and many more!
TV: Grey's Anatomy, American Horror Story, anything on ID, Daria, The Sopranos, and much more!
Video Games: Lego Games, Epic Mickey, Michael Jackson Experience, Kingdom Hearts, NCAA Football, and more!

I hope to hear from some of you soon! Happy new year to all of you! - Jessica

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