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About Me:
Age: 30, almost 31
Marital Status: Single
Sex: Female
sexuality: Straight, although I am very tolerant with gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. I even have family and friends who are that way and it doesn't bother me a bit.
From: Wisconsin
Occupation: Ghost Hunter and artist
Pets: former cat owner of Morgan
children: none yet... not sure if i want them or not.

What I Love:
Road Trips
being with friends and family
owls, cats and dogs
marvel comics, anime, manga, 80s-90s cartoons
romantic, comedy, fantasy, and drama films
sitcoms, star trek, big bang theory, married with children
interior decorating
thrift shopping
fantasy and science fiction novels
various types of rock music, especially alternative and symphonic metal
vintage and antique things, especially from the victorian era

-doctors and dentists
-my mother...(after she abandoned me and refused to take any responsibility for her actions)
-control freaks
-bible thumpers
-valentine's day
-boybands and singers like justin bieber
-violent horror films
-math, especially when i have a learning disability in it
-not having a direction in life yet
-guns... enough said.

My Journal:
-Been around since 2004

-Has and will be used as therapy to cope with some mental and physical disabilities that I was born with like a speech impediment and fetal alcohol syndrome. I also suffer depression, anxiety, and post traumatic distress as well. Much of it is marked private, but there are some entries that may be marked friends only.

-Has occasional photo posts of road trips, ghost hunting adventures, thrifted finds, and very rarely, family/friends

-I write about family and friends more than taking photos of them.

-Interior design progress posts of my apartment, which I moved in about 8 months ago

-venting, though most of it is marked private now.

-I am a liberal Democrat and I may share a few opinions on certain topics. However, I won't be posting that much anymore since people are crazy over the 2nd amendment. Don't get me wrong, I support the second amendment too, but I don't support the violence that's been going on at all...

-Religion. I'm a struggling Christian and I'm currently trying to find my faith in God again after a series of events that happened last year. Don't be surprised if you see that I have many gray areas with this subject. But don't worry, I'm very tolerant with religion and with me, anything goes as long as it doesn't involve abuse against humans and animals.

-I'm currently healing from an ending of a very toxic friendship that ended badly in 2011. I've endured drama with her for most of 2012 and I might write about it occasionally trying to make sense of it all. However, I'm doing much better than I have been and posts about that friendship have been getting fewer and fewer. I'm very thankful for this.

-My future. My life is a seemingly never ending work of progress and if something really good changes my life, I will begin to focus on that more than my past. it would be nice to see how my journal progresses over the next several years and change into something that is really meaningful and fulfilling.

-My journal is not a positive one. I do not live in a happy fantasy bubble and I don't think that life is perfect 24/7 either. Instead, I choose to address my problems than ignore it. No matter how hard you try, your problems will not go away and sometimes, they stay with you forever. The only thing you can do is either try to change it or cope with it until something better comes along. Then you can look back at the good, bad, and what you learned...

-If you are looking for something more positive, try my tumblr. account:
http://midnight-firstorm.tumblr.com/ New followers are always welcome.

Other notes:
-I would prefer an audience that's 21 and older.
-I mainly write in LJ to cope with my mental health issues. Even though I write often as a form of therapy, it doesn't always mean that I need advice, though it's sometimes much appreciated. If I'm not in the mood for that, I will be disabling comments from now on or mark it private. it will be easier on all of us.
-It is currently marked friends only to prevent ex friends from stalking me.
-I sometimes delete entries. It's not that I'm easily offended by your comments, but sometimes I just don't feel comfortable with leaving certain entries up anymore. Just thought I'd let you guys know.

Anyway, if you like what you see, feel free to add. new people are always welcome.

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