El (elsieellis) wrote in add_me,

New Friends

I only posted here a few months ago, but my friends feed has gone pretty quiet, so I thought I'd post again...

About me:
I'm know on LJ as Elsie.
21 years old.
From the UK.
Married to an old fart who I love more than the world.
Don't have many IRL friends, so I my internet friends are really important to me.

Things I like: utterflies, Writing letters, Cute stationary, Clever People, Knitting, Being productive, Listing.

Things I don't like:Idiots, Being woken up, Arguing, Procrastinating, Disorganisation,</span>

What you will find in my journal: Day to day life, my husband, ttc, weight loss and dieting, memes, rants and I'm hoping to start writing more lists. Oh and I often make colourful posts, just so they're a bit easier on the eye:)

What I'm looking for in an LJ friend:
I'd like people who write in their journal regularly, have things in common with me, will comment on my posts, consider LJ friends to be real friends, are genuinely interested in making friends and aren't judgemental of people's lives and decisions.

So, do you think we fit?
Please leave a comment before adding :)

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