Devoted Soul (devotedsoul2011) wrote in add_me,
Devoted Soul

A love letter to my soulmate

I have been using LiveJournal (off and on) since 2003. 

My brother met his wife on LJ.

My sister met her husband on LJ.

And I met my beautiful fiancee on LJ exactly 2 years ago.   I moved to Florida to be with her 8 months later.   Just 3 months ago, our baby boy was born.  So.... I guess I owe a very big part of myself to this website.

This is my fourth journal, actually.  I began this one as an on-going love letter to my fiancee.  So if you are interested in hearing this guy's ideas on love, soulmates, relationships, etc., feel free to add me.  Here's an excerpt from one of my entries:

This all began as words on a screen, an innocent attempt to thwart boredom for a time, but within days [hours] it became something more.  Like an explosion that tore every expectation into bits and slung them carelessly into the air, my desire to know more about her in every way enveloped my one track mind and drove me into a sort of craze [psychosis comes naturally to me] and before long, the innocent comments on a long-since abandoned blog became text messages which became phone calls which became plane tickets which became a moving truck which became a family.

The words faded when she became a daily reality, and she thinks the emotions and thoughts that formed the foundation of those words must have faded, as well.  Thinking that way makes her human, and it’s understandable, but she is wrong.

The words [choked by the daily responsibility of bills, children, business, dinners, family issues, hobbies, arguments, holidays, debts] were buried beneath a million other things that took natural priority, and perhaps that was my biggest error in judgement of all.  Maybe there should always be a moment of every day that I reach deep inside of me, to offer a thought or a word to the woman who once captured me by simply offering herself to me.

Thus begins this new blog, dedicated to her.


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