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1. If you dont feel like reading all this, just skip to the second part of my post.
My name is Ezra, well not really it's just my Internet name, and recently i found out that it's actually a boy's name -_- And after i put so much effort in choosing the name! Well anyway, i'm 21 from NJ, I'm a coffee junkie & i love to read. I've been a big reader since i was a little girl. I was really big on reading novels, that is, until i discovered manga. Now i read way more manga than i do novels. I still read the occasional novel though. So i really like manga and anime though i would rather read a manga than watch an anime. I've read hundreds of manga and only watched maybe 7? anime. Well as i discovered manga i also discovered yaoi manga which i must say, i probably read the most, but i always get sick of it and end up reading action and if i get sick of that i'll read shoujo and if i get sick of that i'll just read a regular novel. Now just because i read manga all the time doesnt mean i'm an anti-social otaku. I also go out with my friends a lot and i also played sports when i was in HS so now playing sports occasionally is a hobby of mine. Hmm what else.... I like to write fanfics too but i have yet to finish a single story even though i said i was going to finish two of them by last May -_- Welp, that's all i can think of at the moment.

Music i listen to: Basically everything
TV shows: Anything but reality shows, mostly cop shows like White Collar, Rizzoli & Isles, etc. oh and i love the Vampire Diaries too!
Novels i read: Everything; mainly Fantasy & Comedy.
Manga i read: Everything; mainly Yaoi and Action
Not a big fan of: Hardcore Sci-fi (It will really get me thoroughly confused, though i do read it once in a blue moon), Horror (I will have nightmares but i still read them but rarely)
Sports i like to watch: Anything but Golf and Bowling; favorite to watch is Hockey & Baseball
Sports i like to play: Anything (though i'm only good at a couple); favorite Baseball/Softball & Soccer

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