you make me touch your hands for stupid reasons (amaltheia) wrote in add_me,
you make me touch your hands for stupid reasons


So I've decided to try my hand at using the ol' LJ again, only come to find my friends list has slowed down to a considerable degree. I need new friends! Please help me on my glorious mission and add me.

A little background: my name is Vicki, 30, just broke (mutually & amicably, if painfully) with my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years, own two cats and am borrowing a third. I like books and music and photography and cooking, and a load of other interests that would be really tedious and lame to list. I live in Northern California and have most of my life, but recently moved to a teensy town two hours away from my usual haunts and am finding it rather lonely. I'm hoping it'll be the push to get me journaling more. :P

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