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qυeeɴ oғ тнe deαd

Looking for New Friends

My name is Amanda but most people call me Mandy or Ellie. I'm 22 years old and I just moved from the north back to the south. I have a boyfriend that I've been with for almost 4 years. I currently work at a drugstore part time but I plan on starting college for something in the Criminal Field (FBI Agent, CSI, Profiler..etc etc) and I am even considering being a Cop until I get a degree. I hope to start as soon as possible. I am looking for active friends that I can talk to, joke around with and get to know. If you think we'd get along, add me and I will add you back!

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Blogging, Making Graphics, Painting my Nails and Taking Pictures.
Loves: I love Lucy, Lucille Ball, 2 Broke Girls, True Blood, Criminal Minds, Horror, Animals, Starbucks, Harry Potter, WoW (not active rn) Books, Music, The Hunger Games, Kindle, AMP Energy Drinks, Stephen King, Nicholas Sparks, Zombies, Halloween and Fall.
Dislikes: Liars, Two Faced People, People that mistake Opinions for Facts, People who think they are always right and ignorance

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