noscratchmeteor (noscratchmeteor) wrote in add_me,

Hi,I'm new to L.J.I'm planning on being on here a lot, so looking for some interesting people to be friends:) I'm a fairly open person; I respect all religions and sexual preferences. I myself am an Episcopalian, although I have a close family member who is a Pagan, and I do believe some things from the Pagan religion as well. I also believe in reincarnation, and I do not believe that there is a hell, only that if we do not learn lessons that we've picked for ourselves before this life, that we will have to go around more until we finally learn them. I consider myself a Liberal, but if you are not, don't let that keep you from adding me. I'm sure you have the right political beliefs for you:) I read constantly, and have been since I was about two. I enjoy several authors, including John Irving, Stephen King, and Dan Simmons. I listen to any music I find catchy, I do not have criteria a band has to meet before I will regularly listen to them. I watch all kinds of t.v and movies, but am really big on Doctor Who (Ten is the best Doctor of all time), the West Wing, and the modern Battlestar Galactica. I find dry humor funny, I do not like humor for the sake of putting something or someone down. I love pizza, I can't stand tuna. If I could live in any civilization in history, It would either be ancient Egypt, or ancient Athens. I love coffee, and I take it with a little cream, and a moderate amount of sugar. If you would like to add me, feel free. I"m sure we'll get along great.

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