Death's Apprentice. (uyuki) wrote in add_me,
Death's Apprentice.

Hello there!

Ok, so here I am. I've had LJ since 2005 I think but I stopped using it for quite a while and now I'm trying to keep it up again.
So, I'm 26, I live in Mexico and I'm a translator, so I spent a lot of time home, working in medical manuals. Not the most interesting thing, but it's enough for now.
I write in both English and Spanish, it mostly depends on my mood for the day, most of the time I try to write my entries in both languages.
I LOVE reading, it's what I do most, so I'd love to meet some people who share this interest to talk and recommend some books. :D
I also love cats, anything Disney, movies and of course languages (I wouldn't have studied it otherwise. :P)
What else would you like to know?
My entries are mostly about my daily life. Anything that happens that I think funny or just important enough to share it, about my activities and how they went (I study piano, japanese archery and aikido), my opinion on books I've read, and occasional rants that can be confusing because I don't give away much context when they are about my love life.
I think that's it.
I hope some of you are interested, and that you don't mind two languages going around on a journal.
Have a good day.

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