ravenwrtngdesk (ravenwrtngdesk) wrote in add_me,

Looking for.... you! :)

Hi everyone,

I've just re-joined LJ after a long period of being absent. I miss it and I miss the lovely people who are still on here!
So now I am looking to make some new friends.

I'm Lilly, 24 year old native dutch, but living in England.

Some things I love:
Animals & nature, reading books, cooking/baking, languages, movies, travelling, clothes, marillion, cosplay, wrestling, Tom Hardy, dancing and muuuuch more.

Some series I enjoy are: Game of Thrones, The Mentalist, Bomb Girls &Sherlock. I'm usually a little too lazy to get into new series :I but i'm open to suggestions for good stuff!

Things I don't like are.... well the obvious things I suppose, haha.

My lj will be mainly used as a place to talk about things I do in my everyday life, pictures I take or things that are on my mind.
It would be nice if we have some interests in common, since otherwise my posts would just bore you, haha.
I'm also hoping to find a few more lesbian/bisexual friends. I'm bisexual (not the Katy Perry kind...) and I find it sad sometimes that I know so little people who I can relate to/relate to me about these kind of matters.

Well.... I'm not sure what else to say.... but I hope some of you will be my friend! :)

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