rerepetition (rerepetition) wrote in add_me,

Hi. My name is Ji.

  • Typologically, I'm an INTP.

  • Is that even a word?

  • Google didn't deny me, so.

  • I created a dictionary of my favorite words over a weekend. I still periodically add to it.

  • Male-ish.

  • Morally ambiguous.

  • I'm a writer, and I'll be posting a few things of the sort there.

  • I've been writing for 6, almost 7 years now.

  • I talk about myself - a lot. I also talk about the person I'm in love with a lot. Not romantically, however - I attempt to analyze his and mines personalities.

  • I have self-esteem issues, especially regarding weight. Numbers come up, sometimes. I'll tag and slip these things behind cuts.

  • I don't always post about my day - sometimes my day is just boring, and I'll mostly post about the things I think about, things I find, my thoughts, rather than write play-by-plays.

  • I love video games. I play PS3 and PC games, if you want to go online one of these days.

  • I watch Suits, Dexter and Some Girls. I watch everything else on Netflix.

  • I love horror films and games.

  • I do rant from time to time - some things are too personal for communities so I'll post it in my journal.

  • I do rarely speak of sexual content, and if I do, it's in passing as a reference. I don't mind if you do.

  • I do sometimes write sexual stories. I need to practice, but these will always be tagged and tucked underneath a cut.

  • Sometimes I'll only make short posts, simply wanting a discussion of sorts. I get bored.

  • 90% of my posts are going to be public, really - this account is already a secret, let us not put the locked box inside of a locked chest.

  • I like to read about peoples thoughts. A lot.

  • I spend a lot of time reflecting - seriously, I think it's just good to let you know that.

  • I really love music - there isn't a genre I don't like, from metal to country.

  • I may post more than once in a day.

... Perhaps that is enough. Aha. Anyway. I'd love to get to know you all. 

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