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Looking for new friends

It's been a few months since i've used my journal things happened in my life, and alot of my friends on my journal list went quiet or stopped using their journals. So im here looking for new friends from all over and all walks of life to bring sparkle and life back to my journal :)

Just me and my family:

I´m a 27... soon to be 28 this coming May. Im from Kent, England also known as ''The Garden of England''.Im married to Aj for almost 4 years this coming june. We have a nearly 2 year old son called Tony, im also just over 5 months pregnant with our twins we don't know their sex yet but have 2 names for boys and 1 for a girl right now. I've been a stay at home mum since January 2012 and wouldn't have anyone else raise our children. It is the best thing i've ever done, but can be hard work and very frustrating at times... especially as tony is heading towards terrible 2's.

Im the 2nd eldest of 4 children, i have 2 brothers Daniel 29 and Dave 25 and 1 sister Bonnie 21. Im also a proud auntie to Lacey 3(Dave's daughter) , Presley nearly 2 1/2 and Levi 13 months(Bonnie's son's). Bonnie is also married and pregnant with their 3rd child.

Im a mummy to 2 fur babies, 2 half burmese cats 1 male Smudge who's 4 and 1 female missy who's 3.


Im limited on the amount of my hobbies that i can do being 5 months pregnant it's having the time and energy, but i try as much as i can when time and energy permit me. I love to read... current book im reading ''Victims'' by Johnathan Kellerman it's crime fiction still on 1/3 of the way through. Cooking and Baking are a big passion of mine, im learning to make bread pudding this afternoon with the help of my mum. Listening to music i have wide music taste from 1950's rock'n'roll upto modern music, i love nothing than turning tv off once tony in bed and have some music on to relax to for a bit. I do enjoy watching tv and dvd's also but get rare chance between hubby and tony watching tv, but when i do some shows i like to watch are:- Hoarders, 19 kids and counting, come dine with me, NCIS, CSI, Bones, Cold Case. Some of my fav films are:- Shawshank Redemtion, Green Mile, Interview with a Vampire, Speed, Grease, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Pearl Harbour many more.
My journal consists of every day thoughts and twiddle that happens, tony's progress, my twin pregnancy, Aj and his work, Letter writing to pen pals much more that goes through my head at the time.

So im looking to make some new friends, add me if you like hopefully we'll become great friends over time.
Until Next Time
Happy Blogging
Emma x

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