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I mean the things I do, my lovely precious ... Err, I mean, hi there!! :)

Hello to everybody reading this! Hope you are all fine!!

I am Rina, I am 28 years old (which will change next month *hyper*), and I come from a small village in Southern Germany. :3 & I am looking for friends, hence the post to this community. I found some really amazing people in this place & would like to try my luck again. Don*t worry, I won*t bite ... usually.

It is important to me that we have some things in common. Of course you need not have EVERYTHING in common with me, but you should, at least, not be judgemental concerning the things that are important to me :). Of course, other opinions are welcome, but it is important that you are not mean by any means (hah). I am a very honest person myself; I would never tell anything to anybody without truly believing what I am saying is the truth.

I am a lot into making & listening to music (Some of my favourite artists include Közi and all projects related to him, Klaha, Roman Rain, Santa Hates You, Psycho Le Cému, Die Ärzte, Specimen, ... & I also write my own songs, play various instruments, sing, and write lyrics :D), using colours to compose new pieces of art, using words to compose new pieces of scattered texts, & I have discovered my love for more DIY projects (^_^) and even home improvement now ... And I don*t mean the TV series!! I am interested in learning new languages (So far, I learned English, French, Finnish, Spanish, Japanese, and Turkish at some points in my life. I cannot speak all equally well, and often don*t remember the easiest words, BUT I do my best to understand whatsoever.) and I love travelling, even if it is just in the mind. The three most important places in this world, to me, are places I have never been to but that I felt an instant liking for (Japan, Finland, and Vanuatu). I*d say I prefer adventure over boredom, but then again, who wouldn*t?

Ah yes, and I like esoteric & paranormal things, even though the sentence itself sounds somewhat strange to me already. That includes astrology, numerology, palmistry, and tarot/cartomancy. & besides those things, I also enjoy sports. I am not the most sportive person on the planet, but I totally enjoy dancing of several kinds, but also bicycling, swimming, inline skating, horseback riding, ... ^o^

What else could I tell you? Well, I probably should tell you my mood can swing quite easily. I am very sensitive and compassionate when it comes to how I perceive the outer world, but then again, I would never see this as a weakness of mine. I do suffer from (admittedly not diagnosed) depression, have been for quite a long time now. I usually put trigger warnings to some posts that can go in-depth with the things I do/think, and that may potentially harm others or make them want to do similar stuff. *sigh* I should be saying this, just to make sure nobody steps into some kind of trap that he/she needs to escape from later on.

Guess I have annoyed you enough by now, so ... If you are still there and eager to add me, please don*t hesitate to do so, but also, please comment & tell me who you are, what we have in common, etc. And please be around me age. (+/- 5 years or so. I am not very strict on this, but I guess it would be better if that were the case!). Other than that, I have nothing more to add right now. ^.^

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