yammyqueen (yammyqueen) wrote in add_me,

don't know where to go with life - I am just me.

It's been a long while since I last posted. New friends if I can bond with bonus.

Me: Sasha, 26 living in Middle of England. I'm in a LDR :3
Got a part time job but looking for more work and I have several health things which will get spoken about. Open minded, non-religious but have my own beliefs.
I have piercings, tattoos, dye my hair, have wigs. I own two manx cats and a tortoise :3
I'm such a Huffelpuff ;D

Likes Gothic Couture and Culture, Alternative lifestyles, Japanese influences like street fashion, Geisha, food, some manga and animes.
I have a very big sweet tooth and used to run my own sweet shop. Would love to find people to do candy exchanges with XD
I like tattoos and piercings etc. Long haired guys are hot :3 *hence my boif* Variety of Rock and Metal Music, Finland am obsessed with... FINLAND :D Seriously I am open to adoption ;P I do Wish to travel more. Crime Novels - well books and want to compare and recommend.

Fantasy, Paranormal, Myths and the Mythical types - Vampires, werewolves. Childish stuff - The Lion King Cute things, Moomins. Also into Tim Burton Productions, Game of Thrones, Drawing for fun, cooking, photos, animals.....

Oh gosh read my info LOL

Want to Add I am looking for people I can bond with so similarities is a real bonus.
Please say here if your adding me don't just add without telling :(
I am not always the happiest person and I cannot help it. If your a racist, sexist or very religious and push your beliefs or quote a lot maybe I am not the best person for you.

Wanna go on looks - three photosCollapse )


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