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Just editing my thing...

So the name is Zero I do not like to give my real name beacause I am just kind of a werry person dont want any pervs to find me or what ever. So any ways I am 22 years of age.I love listening to music mostly 90s tho. Pop or Alt. That is my fave. I also will listen to rock or metal some. I am married, My husband is a heave metal junkie. That is all he listens too. So I have to listen to it when we go any where. I love reading currently and slowly reading it. Also watching an amime slowly but surly. I cant spell worth a damn. So dont judge lol. I am a very random person.

My favorite music is as follows- The Killers, Metallica, The Cure, The Strokes, Wezzer (which I think is cool cuz that is my nickname), 311, 3 doors down, Kayne West, Katy Perry, Joy Division, The Cranberry's, The All American Rejects, The Used, AFI, Eminem, Drist, Anarchy Club, Marlin Manson, namie amuro and so much more that I cant even think of right now.

Fist things first Tv shows- American Dad, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, The Wonderful World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Hamtaro, Chowder, Power Puff Girls, Johnny Brovo, Top Cat, MGM on boom-A-rang, The New Looney Toons Show and the old Looney Toons, Sea Lab, Space Ghost, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, The Brack Show, Johnny Test, King of The Hill, Rugrats, Zoey 101, I Carly, He-Man, Godzilla cartoon, Supernatural, The Golden Girls, Colombo, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, And so much more too tired as of now to think.

Movies- Donnie Darko, Alice in Wonderland, Nightmare Before Christmas, ummm... Even more but those are my favorite movies any ways.

Bleach, Inuyasha, Inuyasha movie, DBZ, DB, Beelzebub, Sailor Moon, Hamtaro, 07 Ghost, Death Note, Death Note movies, and many more.

Wnat to travel one day to different places maybe one day all over the world. Skateing, Japinese every thing just about it. Reading, Playing Video Games such as Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, COD Zombies, Final Fantacy, Collecting porclin dolls, Watching tv, Cleaning or working around the house, Playing dungons and dragons. I am just a general nerd at heart and a kid I plan on never growing up but knowing how to be seriouse. I am married incase I didnt menton it sooner and that jus abou sums every thing up on myself if you want you can add me. My journal consist of every day life and just random stuff.

Hope to be able to make some great friends.
To learn more about me visit my profile or my journal to get the jest.

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