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Name: Miles; Age: 28; My husband and I live with his parents near Portland (the one Fred Armisen made a TV show about); I say I'm a writer, but that just means I spend all day filling out job applications and hoping someone calls me for an interview; I stay mostly on the sidelines of fandom, occasionally posting fic and recs; I also have unbearable black moods that result in me disappearing from the internet for days at a time and have been known to dedicate entire posts to complaining about back pain and the fact that I live with my aging in-laws (potential F-listers should know the worst about one another).


Art, photography, science of all flavours, needle crafts, Marvel blind bags and other cheap Marvel toys, Norse mythology, Minecraft, my cats.


Whatever. A lot of Metallica and AC/DC right now. This changes every time I fill out my interests though.

Movies and TV:

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Megamind, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Hot Fuzz, Venture Brothers. The best way to my heart is an absurd villain and/or brilliantly flawed heroes. Both in the same one have been known to make me melt.

Things I read regularly:

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a lot of comics — Hellboy, Thor titles, Journey into Mystery, Hawkeye, Fables, Saga, Kill Shakespeare, 2000 AD. I'm broke though, so I've not been reading a lot lately. I keep trying to read the Hobbit, because it's just Norse fanfic, but I can't quite get into it for some reason.

Friend policy:

Whatever. Add me. I'll add you back. I very rarely post under lock

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