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Hi there!

I have come back to lj after a long hiatus due to role-playing and meeting the love of my life and well now hoping to friend journals with similar interests.

-I'm 23 and have a wonderful boyfriend who is from England. My recent entries have been about him and his family coming to visit this month and whatever else is going on in my life.
-I sometimes post fandom related things like fan fiction and the like. Maybe even rant about a game I am playing.
-Speaking of that the fandoms I have been recently obsessed over are: Final Fantasy VII, Tekken, Kuroshitsuji, Fate/Stay Night (Visual Novel), Kingdom Hearts, Fate/Extra, Pokemon. Out of those my main fandoms would be Tekken and Final Fantasy VII.
-I role-play on a Tekken forum and often talk about that a lot.
-I really really REALLY love cute and kawaii things like Hello Kitty and the like.
-I love video games!
-Most of the music I listen to is either J-pop or J-rock. I have two favorite K-pop artist I like and they are SNSD and BoA.

If you have any of the things I listed in common feel free to add me, I would love some new journals to read!

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