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Hello potential fandom friends?

I've been absent from fandom for a long time and have recently gotten back into things (or at least want to) so I thought I'd make a post to find more like-minded people to hang out and be geeky together with.

I used to be pretty active in Harry Potter and Prince of Tennis fandom but dropped out some time around 2008.  Right now I'm really mainly focused on Harry Potter fandom again, particularly with Snarry and other Snape-centric pairings, though I'm open to most pairings that can capture my interest, especially femslashy ones or H/D.

Of course, this doesn't mean I don't have other things that I wouldn't love to talk about/glee over.  Here's a quick list of all the various fandomy things I like: Rose of Versailles (Lady Oscar/AllTheLadies); Oniisama E (Kaoru/Rei <3); Legend of Korra & Avatar: The Last Airbender (aldjaofji Toph!  Lin!  Korra/Asami! Alajsaodjai!); Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (all the femslash, all the time?); Elementary (Joan Watson is awesome); Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (<333 Greedling); One Piece (just so entertaining no pairings are needed).  I also enjoy reading Yotsuba, things by Mori Kaoru & Yoshinaga Fumi, Sherlock Holmes mysteries, Dorothy Sayers novels, and Georgette Heyers books.

I'm also really into femslash--as you can possibly tell XD--and genderfucky things.  Would like to one day write tons of Luna/Anybody stuff, or fic where Draco is trans, or fic where someone is non-binary.  That would be rather awesome.    I love fic where characters crossdress in non-cracky ways or in which gender identity is explored in different ways.  I love AU fic, especially if those AUs include crime or technology or history.  I'm not really into fluff, but fluff isn't really a deal breaker either.  I tend to gravitate toward dark, gritty storylines, or at least ones in which the characters angst a bit.  UST is my best friend.

I'm not looking for someone who shares all these things in common with me, but would love to be friends with anyone who may share some of them.  I'm a fanfic writer (my stuff can be found on AO3, crystalusagi) so it'd be nice--but not necessary--to find people who also write fic.

PM or add me?  Or I'm sometimes online on google talk -- it's just my

P.S. Not really a big fan of rps or incest fic, and please definitely do not friend me if you're into chan (Harry should be at least 16, thanks XD) because we probably won't get along?

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