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Hi there! :-)

Hey there! I'm Marlana. Looking to make more friends. My livejournal has been a little quiet lately. Anyway, I'm a 28 year old Michigander. I work in retail, and am returning back to college after taking a year off (and not to do anything fancy like backpacking).

I post mainly about the goings-on in my love life. I will admit, that's a big part of what I write about, seeing as this is actually the first time I've put my heart out on the line for anyone. Its a pretty big deal for me. I also post about work, my adventures with friends, Detroit Tigers baseball, and my Dad's heartbreaking struggle with Alzheimer's Disease. Occasionally I'll post something relating to religion/spirituality or politics. I go through periods of time where I post maybe once every couple of weeks (just assume I'm feeling overwhelmed with life, or there literally is nothing going on, and I'm waiting until I experience something worth sharing with all of you before I post), and then times where I post several times a week. Even when I'm not posting, I make sure I'm still reading. I don't expect a comment on every entry, since I don't do it myself, but something every few entries or so would be nice. I'll do the same. I want to attempt to form a friendship.

Here are my interests as seen in my "info": alcohol, all time low, alpacas, america, anchors, bars, baseball, ben barnes, big cities, blue bloods, bonfires, burberry, camping, canada, candles, chicago cubs, classic novels, clothes, coffee, colbie caillat, concerts, conversation, daisies, dancing, detroit, detroit tigers, donnie wahlberg, doug fister, england, every avenue, facebook, fashion, foreign films, friends, gossip girl, greys anatomy, hair, justin verlander, ke$ha, kevin smith films, knowledge, leopard print, lions, london, love actually, makeup, mayday parade, monkeys, music, my chemical romance, nail polish, owls, perfume, pixie lott, politics, purses, quotes, reading, restaurants, rick porcello, road trips, rock shows, royal pains, sara bareilles, sex, sex and the city, shoes, shopping, singing, taylor swift, the academy is..., the beach, tiger lilies, travelling, tumblr, twitter, william beckett, zebra stripes

All I ask is that you be over 18 years of age, have some common interests, NoT TyPE LyKe ThIS, and write mostly in English, as I am not bi-lingual or whatever. Also, please don't delete me from your friend's list, only to re-add me when you see I'm active again. I have a life outside of the internet that I try to stay engaged in, just as I assume the same for you. However, I do not care what your sex is, what your "sexual preference" is (isn't sexuality somewhat fluid anyway?), or what your religion is. I don't even care what political party you vote for (for the record, I'm a moderate who at one point voted for the candidate, but the last few years has pretty much voted for one party). Anyway, really looking forward to meeting all of you. :-)

P.S. That is indeed me in the icon!

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