「B R A N」 (sorrowfulskies) wrote in add_me,
「B R A N」

A short hello :D

I'm Brandie, though you can call me Andie if you'd like. I'm going on 24, though I can hardly believe I'm that old. I currently work at Subway in Florida. Yes I make sammiches all day. I'd love a career in web design or meteorology though. I'm at that point in life where I'm starting to find myself, but I'm still struggling with it at the same time (that could come up in my posts). But I do love to do many things. Fandom is near the top of the list, but also making jewelry, anime, gaming, drawing and writing are my main ones too. I love sewing and swimming as well!

I'll put these here just in case -- Skyrim/Oblivion (I'd love to make Skyrim friends! It's my main, most active fandom atm), One Piece, Supernatural, Fairy Tail, Leverage, Tiger and Bunny, Resident Evil, Minecraft, Megaten (Persona games), Sailor Moon, AssCreed, Kurobasu, SenBasa, Gintama, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and is Tobuscus a fandom?

Life, memes, some rants, fandom ramble, jewelry I make, art/fiction, photos of nature, photos of random things. The anything-of-length-will-be-put-behind-cut rule applies to everything I mentioned above lol. I won't leave things uncut and eat up your whole friends page with my silliness.

I would prefer that you're 18 or over, I do like to discuss life as an adult, but I'm not going to say no if you aren't. I would like fandom friends who share some of my hobbies as well!

That be it! Please leave a comment before you add me! I would like to know what to call you and things we have in common!

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