Akira (chop_ninja) wrote in add_me,

billionth time I'm posting here :p

Hi Everyone! I'm Akira, female, still in high school~

I'm really into writing, mostly fiction, though I do dabble in fanfiction and poetry! I have been working on a self-instigated novella, if you'd like to know more about that, find the tag for it in the sidebar and give me feedback because that would be the bomb :p

I play the flute and am pretty passionate about that; I hope to major in music someday and play in a big orchestra for money 8D I like to think I'm pretty upbeat, though like every other teenage out there, I do have my rant moments :p I'm really into k-pop and k-dramas, though I do listen to some j-pop and sometimes, give the occasional mainstream western song a try, as long as it's got a good beat :p ALSO, I listen to some rock music, including Skillet (ultimate favorite! <333), Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, All Time Low and now starting into bands like Parachute and Imagine Dragons! I also adore orchestral music, which makes sense because I was a part of the country's best band, but I love listening to any band music, any classical music by any composer at all XD I am biased towards piano, flute, clarinet, oboe and French Horn though! I've always wanted to play French Horn TT___TT Tis the woes of being a good little flute player :p

Ultimate Kpop biases include: Jung Yonghwa and Lee Minhyuk from CNBlue, Sandeul, Gongchan, and Baro from B1A4, Niel from TEENTOP, Jung Yunho from TVXQ/DBSK, and Lee Sungmin from Super Junior! If you look through my userpics, they're all of them :p

 Most of my LJ is about my life, because I think documenting how you are can be pretty hilarious when you're older and you look back, and I do post some writing I feel a little less self-conscious about, and the occasional kpop spaz post :p

Other things I'm into are debating, disney, fairytales, public speaking, fashion, and photography! Most of my posts can be a little...spaz heavy about whichever specimen of the male species I'm interested in at the moment, but right now, there is no one, so we're all good~ :p

If we have anything in common, let's be friends!~ Also, do check out my profile if you'd like to know more~~

Au revoir!


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