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rekkless in add_me

My name is Ash & I'm 25 years old.
New friends, please apply here.
My dogs & cat are my world <3
I work full time for the Hilton Hotel chain, some days I love it and some days I don't. You'll hear some funny stories that's for sure.

Music - New kids on the block are one of my favorites but doesn't at all represent my music tastes, I'll listen to pretty much everything. Michael Jackson, Avicii, Tupac, Deadmou5, Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Drake, A$ap Rocky, Lil Debbie, Tegan & Sara, IconaPop.  Plus a lot of 80's and early 90's R&B, Rap and pop.

TV - Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire, Hawaii 5-0, Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Borgias, Criminal Minds, Anything with Gordon Ramsey. The Walking Dead. Mob Wives. Vikings. Deadliest Catch, Wicked Tuna, Alpha Dogs, Boston's Finest. The Soprano's.

I also love Tattoos. Make up. Traveling. Animals. Reading. Writing. Politics. Protesting. Cooking. Hot Chocolate. Frappe's. Hockey.
I'm also obsessed with the Mafia and Mobsters. Long Road trips, Tumblr, Pintrest.

Add me, and let's be friends!


Sure :)
I'd love to hear your Hilton Hotel stories... I stay there often and sometimes find myself wanting to know more about what goes on, so I'd love to hear!!! Added!!!
Added back. :) Hope you get a kick out of them.
I'm sure I will! Thanks! :)
Added - I like the Walking Dead too - I've just started watching the third season! I enjoy reading and travelling too.
Added back, I'm way behind on WD, need to catch up.
You sound like the peanut to my butter. The jam to my donut.
What I'm saying is....friends? :P
I can't be the jam to your donut, sorry. Maybe the Icing to your donut? ;) friends!
lol, I'll settle for icing! :P
I looove my family of dogs, cats, horses and various other critters, and I pic-spam them a LOT (I am sort of a photography nerd). Wanna buddy from Melbourne, Australia?
Yes of course! I'm always posting pics of my doggies too. :)
Hii, I'm Megan.
I added you :)
Hi Megan!! :) Added back.
Woot! Added. :)
Hi, fellow Canadian here! :) We have a lot of things in common - including our love for hockey (although I am a Canucks girl myself. ♥) You sound pretty cool - can we be friends?
Of course we shall be friends, I have a soft spot for the 'nucks <3
Woo! :) ♥
I like politics, music, writing and make up too.
Added you. Add me back?
Added :)
Of course :)

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