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where do you start..

Others say I have had an interesting life, though its pretty hard to agree since I lived it and it wasn't just a story ;-)
I'm 29, was adopted from Korea (Yes, South Korea....Fairly certain I wouldn't be this lucky if I was from the North), I was a sailor baby so all i know is I had a Korean Mother and an "American" Father, Whatever that might mean.  I grew up with Australian Parents in Perth Western Australia, have two Brothers and two Sisters -adopted (well not my oldest brother) From Fiji, India and Korea.  This is how I am my parents 3rd child, but the youngest out of 5.  I can only speak English and I don't have any insecurities about being adopted.... my parents are my parents, people say they're amazing people or sound like they are wonderful and kind.  I guess they are, but I grew up with them.  I love them, but like all parents and children, we didn't always get along.

I've worked in different industries trying to find the job you do when you grow up.  From Masseuse, to Disability Services, Social worker, Laboratory Technician, Vet Nurse, Aromatherapist, Hospitality, Nightclub Management, Call Centres and now in Finance.  I had what I guess people would call a misspent youth but I wouldn't change anything I have been through because they are the lessons that made me who i am.  I moved across to the other side of country 7 years ago and Melbourne is home to me and my Melbourne family

I'm generally outspoken and I have strong opinions, but that doesn't mean I have to force my opinion onto others.  Different perspectives could change your life, and what may be facts now may be a stupid idea in the future.  Personal opinions are no longer personal the second you share it and if you dont want to hear opposition to your beliefs, then perhaps it was best to keep silence.  My journal probably only gets updated when I am in the mood, which is usually when I am either passionate about something or reflective.. So apologies if it comes across as too intense.  I don't really know what the potential to this site is, but everyone on here has something to say and a forum to say it... cant ask for more than that :)

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