inSpireShine (inspireshine) wrote in add_me,

Welcome to the Shine...

Allow me to introduce my journal, and myself:

Ahoy there!
I am a 40+ writer, so far unpublished but it's only a matter of time. In the meantime, I fuel my mind onward through blogging. My blogging topics include inspiration, philosophy, humor, and random life observations. Life is a journey, an adventure, a process; and so is my journal. So come along and share the ride, and who knows, maybe you’ll pick up some inner shine along the way. Maybe because of your feedback, I will too.

My blogging name is inSpireShine. Some called me on various blogging sites "Shine" and my real name is Ron. I am a writer by heart and soul but by trade I am a former insurance agent and currently a recruiter for an investment firm. I have one novel completed but I need to rework, edit, and resubmit it for publication. I also have several other novels I've started that I need to make the time to get back to work on.

What is "inSpireShine"?
There is a fine line and a vast divide between life and living, for it is easy to be held back by darkness and be living, yet not feel alive. It is easy to feel the light shrouded and the way blocked, and it takes a lot of strength at times to move forward; even more strength to believe that moving forward when darkness is falling can make a difference.

Some people call it willpower. Some call it drive or inspiration, an inner fire. For me the inner fire is art, writing, and deep thought. That’s what gives me life, what makes me alive. I call it imagination, creativity, inner light; the light within....inSpireShine.

I invite you to be a reader and explore with me the topics I have written in the past and those I plan to in the future. Welcome to the Shine. Shine on!

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