rosie (rosiek2277) wrote in add_me,

Hoping to meet new friends!

Hoping to meet some new livejournal friends...

- female, 36 years old, mother of 2 boys (12 & 5), married 14 years
- SAHM for the time being at least until December (recently laid off)
- profession environmental/sustainability field
- likes: reading, movie watching, some reality tv, simplicity

This is the 2nd time in my life that I am not employed since the age of 15, I am trying to enjoy this summer with my boys for the first time and also, trying to focus on getting a few things completed that I have been putting off.  I am in the process of returning to school to finish my degree in public administration, kicking off a new healthier me, reading more and watching less tv.  I am also trying to get back into being more of a minimalism.

My journal is friends only, I alternate between it being public and private, but whenever I am going through some transition in my life I like to keep it private.  I mostly update about life, what is bothering me at the time or anything else going on.  I'm a christian so you will see me write about prayer, what my faith means to me and how I feel about it.

Mostly I like to document my life, because on days when I wonder how I will ever get over whatever is going on, I like to re-read my past entries and see that we're all survivors...."this too shall pass".

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