densityofmysoul (densityofmysoul) wrote in add_me,

I'm (sort of) new here.

Hello, everyone! I'm not new to LJ, but I might as well be. I haven't been an active member in years.

I never really know what to say about myself, so I'll keep it simple.

I manage a restaurant with a couple of friends. Specifically, my job consists of keeping up with all things related to liquor, beer, and wine, among other more mundane tasks. We have a tap wall with 64 taps, and that is my baby. I'm a big fan of craft beer, and this particular aspect of my job is by far the most exciting.

I love photography, and I take out my camera as often as possible. I also love being outdoors. Hiking and swimming are a couple of my favorite activities, but I'm looking to add bouldering and climbing to that. Listening to music, writing, and reading are also activities that I enjoy. I like playing video games from time to time, although I really don't like being in front of a television for anything else. (Perhaps it's my short attention span, but I have a very difficult time making it through a movie or even a short episode of anything.)

I'm not the most physically fit person, but my boyfriend and I are working to become healthier individuals. We recently took up biking and running, and it's been really nice to get out and challenge ourselves while having fun. When I feel more confident, I would like to take up CrossFit.

My future goals include going back to school to pursue a degree in graphic design. I'm currently looking into ways to make that a reality.

Now that all of that is out of the way...

If you'd like to be friends, feel free to add me, and I'll be sure to add you back. :)

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