Szjen (szjen) wrote in add_me,

Not new, but looking for a new start.

Hey everyone. I'm Joey, it's nice to meet you.

I'm currently living with my family and attending a prestigious, uniformed school. I get good grades, I study, I don't smoke or do drugs. What can I say? I follow the good ol' norms of being the daughter my parents can be proud of.

Pssh, no I fucking don't.

I'm struggling with my life, friends and studies and my posts will be about my everyday life. I'll post when I feel like it, and that might be often, considering I am an insomniac with nothing to do.

I know, I sound so very depressed.

I think I may be.

Depressed, I mean.

There's a fun side of me, if you can ease me open gently. I'm like a tin of pineapple chunks; prise me open gently and you can reap the sweet results but chop a knife into me and all I'll be is a sticky mess. I make weird metaphors, I know. Fuck me.

Comment and add me if you want, I promise I'll add you back, because right now I don't want a friends page teeming with friend requests that I can boast about; I just want a friend, and someone who's willing to help, because I'm fucking fragile and I've been broken way too many times.

But things will get better, right? :(

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