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Its Me Again :)

I think this is like my 3rd? time posting on here. I generally dont get that many friends from posting on here which is weird since I basically like everything. Well anyway to the point. I'm 22 and currently a student at Rutgers University. I'm fairly nice but there are times I get rather bitchy. I like a lot of things but I mainly like:

WWE (obsessed almost)
ANIME (on and off)
NOVEL (not much lately)
VIDEO GAMES (though I'm not very good :D)

These are the main things I will talk about on my journal. I mean with me anything goes though since I'm not the type to really dislike anything.  And I tend to talk about my social life when I actually have one. I mean I've been pretty chill this summer and haven't done much so I havent really talked about my personal life lately. But when I do, I'll talk about school, things i do, things i cant stand, and sometimes I'll rant or tell a story that happened, that just absolutely pissed me off to no end. 

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