Thalia (not7teen) wrote in add_me,

I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind, that I put down in turrrrds.

Hi, All,

My name is Nathalie. I'm 34. I'm getting married soon. The wedding will be so non-traditional that my conservative mother and sister are going to shit themselves. I can't wait.

I like to poke fun at the privileged, although I have more than a roof over my head myself. I work in the supply chain department of a small furniture store chain and I roll my eyes at some of the frilly nonsense that rich people want to buy, such as wooden coloured balls placed in a decorative bowl that goes on your coffee table. $5 a ball. That's some expensive balls. Or bundles of tall dried grass (hay is for horses!!) for something ridiculous like $20 a bundle. I may live the normal proletariat life and make JUST enough to get by (and not get BUY) but there is a small part of me that is attracted to the freegan lifestyle demonstrated in the film The East. Who knows. Communism is better in theory, maybe that dumpster-diving life is too. However, anything to sever me from the common need to drive the economy forward would be a sweet change of scenery.

My level of maturity believes that I'm 24, but the new cardio class I just started to round out my weights class gives me the weekly wake-up call that I'm 34. As much as I continue to go to class, I still think exercise is overrated. One should just pace themselves with their workouts meanwhile eating bacon like a fiend! Okay, maybe eat bacon only once a week, but greasy breakfast is NEVER overrated. In fact, a steady routine of gym-burger-gym is my favourite sandwich of them all. I am trying to bust the term "struggling with weight" because really, WHO CARES. Unless your health is obviously failing, of course. Everyone looks great otherwise. Quit trying too hard. Pacing. Yes. Results do come to those with patience.

I have no religion. I am having an easier time expressing this at work. I also have no soul. That, I'm still working on divulging this at work.

I like being silly when you're being conservative. I like eating ice cream when you're posting motivational memes on your Facebook about working out NO MATTER WHAT (pssht, just take that extra nap, work out later!). I like concluding that "someone must have farted" when I hear distant polite laughter (like polite golf clap) at my work. I like it when things are funny.

Let the sarcasm ensue!!

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