crystal-waters (crystal_waters) wrote in add_me,

Let's do this for the third time..

Yep, like everyone else, my f-list tends to die from time to time.

Soooo me, 24 yr old (and feel like a teen most of the time) chick who identifies as genderless. I'm otherkin, otakin, a furry, and soulbonder (thus our little collective name, Night and Dream). My fandoms gravitate towards anything Marvel, Transformers, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, anything from Kids WB!, and cartoons from the 90s. Mainly cartoons, cuz stuff with real people sucks. Movies, slashers are my things, along with cheesy b-movies and anything obscure.

I am a VERY active furry, with a fursuit, and hang out with local furs monthly. You will hear many crazy stories.

I'm a heathen, mostly focus on Loki and Jormungandr. Me and Lord Ganesh got something going on too, but I have...sadly avoided him for many years, because I am a horrible person. I'm also a LaVeyan Satanist. Big on paranormal stuff, crystal working, energy working, stuff of that sort. I'm empathic, have various psychic moments, and sometimes ramble about past lives.

On the 'normal' side of stuff, I'm a college graduate with a BA in anthropology (focusing on archaeology). Of course, it's near impossible to find a relevant job, so right now I work a really boring job at a cafe inside a car dealership. XD Good money, tho. I'm HUGE on fishkeeping. I love writing, read mostly horror novels, am in a committed relationship with my 3DS, and am cheating on it with my Genesis. Old video games are the best thing ever.

I typically have filters for the 'weirder' stuff.

I like reading your entries! I won't always comment, but your stuff gets read. As for myself I tend to post daily, write long, rambling entries, swear, and go off on various tangents. Add me, and I'll likely add you back.

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