Tori (hopebeyondfear) wrote in add_me,

Here goes nothing.

This is my first post ever. I never used a blog before, but I felt I should start because I've had so much on my mind that my thoughts are screaming at me to get everything out. I do talk to people, but some things I would rather not say to here I am, saying them to whoever out of the millions of users on here that would care to read. There's comfort knowing that I can say anything and everything and remain anonymous. I feel like the judgement coming from those I care most about would essentially be non-existent because they wouldn't know much else, how in depth some of my rants can get, or the content. Sometimes verbally speaking fails, and that's where writing take its place.

Some things about me: I'm currently enrolled in a university, majoring in Social Work. I have no idea what I plan on doing with that degree when I graduate. I'll be happy as long as I know I can make a difference and help the world for the better. Helping people and making them happy is something I thrive off of. What greater joy is there than knowing you helped someone. I work along with mentally disabled people for my current occupation. I really like it, and it brings out the best in everyone.

I also have some tattoos. I find it embarrassing for people who are so judgmental when it comes to self expression in the form of body art. How close minded do you have to be? I only have 4 currently, but plan on getting more as my life progresses. It's lovely to be able to get some piece of work permanently on you (if you don't change your mind later on in life) to always remind you of that milestone or point in your life. Cherish the memories. To be honest though, most of mine do not have a significance. I just have them because I like them. They have a story though and the current one I have some people (those who do have some judgmental tendencies- mostly some of my family) just glance at it and I can see in their faces that they think I made a mistake and I will regret it. I won't. Before you judge me or my art, you should ask me what it means. Maybe then, you'll understand.

Lastly, for now, I try to stay positive. Finding the bright sides to any downside situation makes things easier to get through. It brings about endless amounts of hope, and without hope, there can be no reason to continue on. Hope will keep your demons at bay, and they can not and will not win. Keep smiling. I hope you always find a reason to.

I look forward to sharing anything and everything with whoever cares to listen. Have a good day/evening. :)


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