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we all just want someone who we can feel free to be ourselves. ..

Ok so a little bit about me i guess...

Age: 24
Gender: female

I hate bullet points to find out what people are like or to see if we have anything in common. Truth be told we only need to read what you right to see if its a fit or not. See i write about a lot of different things good or bad or some where in between. See lots of people think that i should have nothing big to talk about cause im still a "baby". But the thing is when you are a person like myself that lives life to the fullest because i never know when im gonna be stuck in bed or the hospital. All i want is some people to share things with. Male or female. Young or old. I dont care. I just want someone who wont judge me for what i do or what i post. I will worn you however that my filter button doesnt always work and i have no problem expressing who i am. Now i just started a new journal after years of having another one cause i cant quite remember what my password or even what my user name was. So my journal is just taking off. Bare with me. Im a writing freak so there will be a lot to read. So with that add more or don't. Ill keep writing with or without an audience.

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