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scarlet starlet

After years of absence and short periods of sporadic use, I am committing to LiveJournal again! YEAH! My name is Courtney, I'm a twenty five year old lady. I live in central Pennsylvania but miss my desert home. I'm a dreamer, an eternal child, a butterfly. I love bright colors and am perpetually covered in glitter. I'm a book worm- currently reading the third book of the Illuminatus! trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. Please add me if you are familiar with the books or it's authors- we'll get along real well. I have a kitty who thinks she's a dog and a super smart doctor man who I'll never understand. I sell shoes to support the shoe fetish I never knew I had. I got a lot of vices and prefer to spend my time with those who share them!
I plan on using this journal to create a caricature of myself, to act out in ways I find distasteful on other forms of SOCIAL MEDIA. My journal will be full of mindless rambling, adult content (including but not limited to: language, drug use, sex, and nudity), glittery pictures, and a fair amount of straight up egocentric insanity. I currently have a fair amount of public entries, but mind the dates- most are from two plus years ago. Read through, it's a good glimpse into who I was during the worst time of my life, but know that I am a different person now. If you'd be interested in sharing in my crazy trip, go on and introduce yourself and add me! Much Love :-*

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