lone_pagan_wolf (lone_pagan_wolf) wrote in add_me,

new year new friends?

I thought I'd look for a few new LJ friends as the new year is coming as I'm also hoping for a new start in my life, so here I go:)

-I'm female, 28, soon 29 (in 2 months) from Hungary..
-currently living with my parents which will soon change, I hope..
-currently working as an English teacher at a kindergarten (that is to say I'd prefer LJ friends who like children, and if possible I'd not want any LJ friends who are childfree!)
-I'm a Pagan, but not universalist and not Wiccan. I'd be happy to meet fellow Pagans. Please respect my wishes that I have nothing to do with deeply religious people and therefore I don't think I'd be the LJ friend for you if you are.
-I don't talk politics in my journal and my LJ friends come with different political views, but I'm not a liberal and not on the left side. Please respect this and don't add me if it bothers you.
-I'm single but kind of involved with someone..
-Spain is my second homeland as I've lived there for a longer time..
-my journal is very personal and I usually post about my thoughts and what's happening to me in my life, which isn't always good, just as life is like..
-I'd want LJ friends who post and comment regulary and are really interested in reading my journal.. And of course I'll do the same.
-I'm not looking for LJ friend collectors and I don't collect LJ friends either. Please respect this.

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