Akira (chop_ninja) wrote in add_me,

this might be the millionth time I'm posting here :p

Hi Everyone! I'm Akira, female, still in high school~

I'm really into writing, mostly fiction, though I do dabble in fanfiction and poetry! I have been working on a self-instigated novella, if you'd like to know more about that, find the tag for it in the sidebar and give me feedback because that would be the bomb :p

I play the flute and am pretty passionate about that; I hope to major in music someday and play in a big orchestra for money 8D I like to think I'm pretty upbeat, though like every other teenage out there, I do have my rant moments :p I'm really into k-pop and k-dramas, though I do listen to some j-pop and sometimes, give the occasional mainstream western song a try, as long as it's got a good beat :p ALSO, I listen to some rock music, including Skillet, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, All Time Low and now starting into bands like Parachute and Imagine Dragons! OH and let's not forget Sleeping with Sirens, my new obsession <3 Kellin Quinn really is a gem, guys :3

I also adore orchestral music, which makes sense because I was a part of the country's best band, but I love listening to any band music, any classical music by any composer at all XD I am biased towards piano, flute, clarinet, oboe and French Horn though! I've always wanted to play French Horn TT___TT Tis the woes of being a good little flute player :p

Ultimate Kpop biases include: Jung Yonghwa and Lee Minhyuk from CNBlue, Sandeul, Gongchan, and Baro from B1A4, Niel from TEENTOP, Jung Yunho from TVXQ/DBSK, and Lee Sungmin from Super Junior! If you look through my userpics, they're all of them :p

Most of my LJ is about my life, because I think documenting how you are can be pretty hilarious when you're older and you look back, and I do post some writing I feel a little less self-conscious about, and the occasional kpop spaz post :p

Other things I'm into are debating, disney, fairytales, public speaking, fashion, and photography!

If we have anything in common, let's be friends!~ Also, do check out my profile if you'd like to know more~~

Au revoir!

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