taliesin_awake (taliesin_awake) wrote in add_me,

The basics:

1 two year old boy
Working on finishing up a double major
Work in emergency telecommunications

Fun facts:

I speak Russian, due to having lived in Russia for two years.
My wife is Russian.
My dream (since childhood) is to someday be a published author of a number of books.
In the mean-time, working on the day (or night) job, getting an edumacation in business, human resources and criminal justice.
I'm a Gemini/Cancer cusp. That means very dual-natured, and also a "feeler."

I'm "new" to LJ in that I haven't posted here in any depth in many years. So this is a new account and I don't have a current picture I want to use yet. Sorry. Hopefully, content is what will matter.

I will refrain from getting too personal in my general posting...I will choose to mostly post my thoughts about things or events or books, and perhaps detail some personal projects I'm working on or insights into life.

If any of this grabs you, add me :)

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