supernutjapan (supernutjapan) wrote in add_me,

Looking for friends!

It has been a month or two since I posted here so an update:

Age-wise I'm older than 30, I have 3 kids from 14 to 6 years old. I'm a Canadian-citizen-born-abroad and living in my country of birth - Japan. I own and manage a small English school here with my husband.

I just started blogging in August of last year because I suddenly fell head-over-heels in love with Supernatural the TV series and wanted to write and discuss it with anyone and everyone. The blog under my user name is dedicated to rewatching, commenting and creating banners/gifs of this show.

Later, I felt the need for a blog where I could post on a variety of subjects including daily life in Japan, recording readings, fan-vids, icons etc. so I created a community-blog under the name

Other than Supernatural, I am interested in kids - the younger the better, teaching, reading for myself and to others, listening to and making music (all kinds), making graphic art and receiving/replying to comments here at LJ. I will admit I am selfishly addicted to comments and love discussion. The more I get, the more I will give.

I am looking for friends both for my community-blog and for my SPN blog. If you are interested in just the community, feel free to become a member there only - please send me a message so I know and can add you back.

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