vikingblood92 (vikingblood92) wrote in add_me,

Beyond LJ

Hi, I'm Sara.
21 years old.

I'm actually looking to make friends beyond just reading a Live Journal post.

I consider myself an "antisocial ambivert". I tend to be antisocial, but I have an outgoing personality!

Hobbies: Video games [XBox, SNES, N64, PC] Photography, DIY, Movies, Reading, Graphic Novels, Lazing about my room, Art, Sleeping, Carbs, Exercising, Internet, MemeCenter, Lemon Water, Tea, Lingerie.

Movies: Children of Men, Saving Private Ryan, Star Wars, District 9, LOTR, HP, Basket Ball Diaries, Dead Poets Society, Big Fish, American History X, American Beauty, The occasional stereotypical girly movie can be added to the bunch. (Anything directed by Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen, Christopher Nolan, James Cameron)

TV: America Horror Story, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Star Gate SG1 [All time favourite], Band of Brothers, TLC cover stories, Hockey [Maple Leafs]. I don't watch tv too often.

Books: Not going to lie. Erotica. And preachy teenage love stories. I'm also the type of person, where if you tell me to read a book (regardless of genre) I usually will.

Looking for both female and male friends.

Kind of new to this, don't really understand how LJ works.....

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