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Hello. Call me whatever, but I perfer July or Etty, to be exact. They're not my real names, but I always thought those two would be fantastic for the first name for a pen name if I ever get to pen my own series of books!

Anyway, I wandered to Livejournal, for I was exiled from my main journal in a different site. It's really a strange set of steps, but seriously, you need to read my first entry and then you'll understand the pain and suffering I've gone through. I'm not new to livejournal, I had a couple of journals and then abandoned them afterwards. But I'm willing to start anew with LJ and give it a second chance. I know my journal's just hatched, but I promise I will continue writing. There's a lot more to come heading your way....

Anyway, a few general things about me. Hmm...I'm 19. I'm going to be twenty years old. I'm a cancer. That's my astrological sign. I love reading, writing, (obviously!), watching films (particularly old films...) , and making people laugh. I live to be silly amd humorous, though I can be very serious and pensive at times.

I think you'll love my journal. If not, at least you tried!

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