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It's been awhile since i posted here, so i figured why not try again.

Girl (...woman? man that feels weird.) late 20s, lives in super small town in Oregon (USA). currently single and straight, if that matters to people which it shouldn't? and probably going to be a spinster at this point. :P  I have five cats ranging in ages from 1 to 14, and two dogs. Oh, and a pink glofish named Jun. :) I do spare your friends feed and i put pictures (as well as longer entries of any kind) under cuts. because yes, i'm bad. i spam kitty pictures. i can't help it if i have camwhores for cats.

i'm a grocery store employee of 12 years and i'm super part time as a receptionist at a dr's office. So you can bet i rant a bunch about those. I find i like my store job 90% better than office work, but i can't argue with the money and it IS easy work. i'm more of a hands-on/manual labor person, i guess. don't give me your stuff to fax and copy, kthx.

stuff i'm into:

Music; lately? all kinds. 8tracks def really has helped me find new artists. i even love soundtracks/instrumentals/classical as well as opera. metal, pop, (oldschool) punk, pop punk, rock, techno, i have the randomest music folder so if you ask about a band or artists, chances are i've given them a listen at least once. :) i'll give anything a chance anymore, if its got a good beat and even more awesome lyrics i'm down.

fashion, hair, tumblr (shh, i love it.) video games (the Yakuza and Uncharted series are my favorites) reading, mythology, strawberry lemonade, zombies, vodka, snailmail/getting mail and/or packages, shopping, baking/cooking, concerts, organizing, cleaning, overseas/traveling, I'm also a big Lee Pace fan as well as Tom Hiddleston and Robert Downey Jr. various tv shows currently on air and not around anymore including Golden Girls, Ripper Street, Being Human (UK), Sherlock, Pushing Daisies, Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth and i'm trying out Halt and Catch Fire though i know jack-shit about computers nor the beginnings of them.

Since i got Netflix, I like watching bad handycam films because i'm a sucker for those. more favorite movies consist of The Goonies, Silence of the Lambs, Legend, Bringing up Baby, and Roadhouse, the How to Train Your Dragon releases, disney/pixar... I also will watch almost any black and white film from the 30s/40s and be completely happy with that. I'm a sucker for MARVEL (cinematic universe) stuff, too.

Dislikes, and the part where I sound like a jerk but hey i might as well say it so it can save people some time or whatever.

-I'm a pretty easygoing person, but don't type like an idiot.
-Married? kids? totally an unofficial spokessperson for some human rights movement or law? thats cool. just keep it level. or under cuts. don't get preachy at me.
-macros, youtube videos, large images? cool. again, CUTS, people. if this is all you are about on here then no thanks. thats what tumblr and facebook is for.
-also just plain spamming. if you post EVERY FREAKING HOUR...well then...
-drugs/alochol/partylife? thats cool. i love some good stories and live vivaciously through some of my friends. but "omg u gaiz i got SO stoned last night!" ain't my cup of tea. make it an adventure. or at least well-written.
-also like...depression, and things of that nature. i understand. everyone has something in their closets and i really have my shitty times i try to keep on the DL. (which, is one of the reasons i've stepped away from facebook for 3+months other than gaming) ive got my own problems so i can relate to a certain extent and offer an ear to listen. but if its some mass 'woe is me' all the time i dont think we're going to get along so well. sorry :( I find it hard to keep myself up and perky when i'm consistently in contact/viewing negative stuff and well, it just sucks and I try to avoid it because I HATE FEELING LIKE SHIT.

So in the end, I'm no special snowflake and my journal consists of rants and random things of the day. I use cuts on basically everything so I don't eat your friendspage, and i'm a shit commenter; unless i have something profound or smart to say, then i dont post to just see myself post. But if you're on my friends list, i'm reading. :) I try to update at least once a week, but more if i have something to actually flail about or whatever.

If you're keen to friend, let me know either here or in a PM! Everything is friends-only so if you just add me without a hello i won't be friending back. and fyi "added you!" does not count as a hello. gimme mini intro or something, direct me to your own add-me post?

i looked through some pictures, and this is the newest one i got it seems that i haven't fuckered up with photoshop things. its rather crappy, but you get the point.


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