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About Me

  • Name : Katie

  • Age :30

  • Location : Wisconsin

  • Gender : Female

  • Occupation :retail

  • Status : Single

* Disclaimer*
I am not new to livejournal. I have been under many names. The reason why I switched to this name is because I switched it to all my  Journal names to this name (IE Dreamwidth,insanejournal,deadjournal and pluggedout). So I wanted to have the same username over here. I promised myself this is gonna be the last time that I switched journals since all of them are the same names now. With the exception of livejournal having an added s at the end but still the same

What I write about
I write about my daily life. I write about work , I write about family, I write about issues that I have on a regular basic, I also post pictures, I also post Videos from youtube. My long entries are under an livejournal cut.

What I like

  • Hanson

  • Photography

  • Reading  - my goodreads account is listed on my profile page feel free to add me there as well

  • Shopping

  • Traveling

  • The Public Library

  • Work

  • Christian Music

  • 90's (Tv Shows - Music - Movies)

  • 80's (Tv Shows - Music - Movies)

  • Disney

  • Boy Meets World

  • Musicals


  • Rude

  • Judgemental people

I Have

  • Depression

  • Bi Polar

  • Anxiety


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