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Posting Hopeful

Hey there.  My name is Brandy.  I'm looking for some new friends because my minimal list of friends here on LJ has gone silent for the most part.  Most of the information about me is found in my profile.  I am a Christian.  I live in North Carolina and I am 33 years old.  Currently, I am on summer break from college.  My major is Substance Abuse Counseling and I have really started to find myself within the study.  I have had this journal for years.  I don't post constantly but I do post when something important to me is happening.  I like to comment but I won't comment on every post I read.

I am a published poet.  I have another journal where I like to post poems that I've written.  I really enjoy music.  I don't have a particular genre that I like over another.  I listen to what moves me at any particular time.  I enjoy movies, too.  I love particular actors and try to follow their careers but I am always looking for new faces.  I won't bore you with a list of actors that I love but I will mention my favorite author:  Jim Carroll.  He was an author, journal-writer, poet, singer/songwriter, and a novelist.  I started writing poetry when I was eleven and was published for the first time when I was 16.

I have made some great friends on LJ.  I don't particularly like to read explicit entries on sex but I can't screen what people write either.  If it moves you, write about it.  I write about general happenings in my life.  I am not married, I don't have any children.  I hope to meet some great people.  Thanks for reading my post.  Comment and I'll add you.

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