Bruce Wayne (bruce_xx_wayne) wrote in add_me,
Bruce Wayne

Scumbags, Low-lifes, and circus performers welcome

I've been called a narcissist who is just short of being attractive enough for a J.C. Penny Catalog. Thanks, random reddit user.

I'm looking for friends of all shapes and sizes, preferably human. And blondes -- but it's not a necessity. Must not huff paint. Preferably, you're active -- with a solid post history. I want to get back into this journal pretty heavily, especially since I'm knee-deep into a 30-day fast and I've suddenly got a lot of free time. Free time I can spend with YOU! Woohoo!
I work in marketing and public relations and as a writer, usually intermixing the two in some sort of dirty, incestuous orgy, uncertain of what sort of deranged love child I'll create. My sentences run on for too damned long. I went to school, got myself an education, and use it often as I pick up chicks on the internet. Still, I like the job. Keeps me sane. Keeps me not homeless.

I'm a Zen Buddhist, but not a particularly good one. A terrible one, actually. I probably shouldn't even be calling myself one, but I do. I enjoy exercising, writing, and killing my spirit and sense of self-worth. Strange addiction to blondes. I'll talk all day long about philosophy. fashion, contempt of society, the absurd, food (especially now that I'm not eating it), AMERICA, and anything else your heart desires.

You CAN simply add me, or maybe write a little introductory post here and we can sort things out. I can't wait to get to meet you.

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