Eka Awaludin (ekaawaludin) wrote in add_me,
Eka Awaludin

Eka Awaludin

My name is Eka Awaludin, I'm 27 years old. I'm Indonesian from Sunda ethnic. I like reading: drama, mystery, history and sci-fi book; hot news on newspaper; interesting article on magazine; anything on internet. I still learn English.

I'm single but I have a very close girl friend who always accompany me and become my best friend since I enter university. Recently our friendship feeling and our mindset has changed since she have a job and I'm busy looking for a job, it seems we busy with each other activity and each other plans for each other future. I write about our friendship experience in my other blog at blogspot.com.
At this moment I live in Bali for waiting and looking for a job.

I'm very exciting finding huge community of writer at LiveJournal.

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