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Let's chat!

HI! I'm Tabitha! Yes, that's my real name, and no if I twitch my nose, nothing will happen.

I live in the US with my dog, Emily (also known as Barky McBarkgington) and my cat, Patrick (also known as Sir Bitchypants). I have a wonderful boyfriend - high school sweethearts - and we're planning on him coming to visit in just a few (LONG) weeks. Haven't seen each other in 22 years, but we're making it work. We dated in HS, were forced to break up b/c of my parents (specifically my father), and lost touch when he went on to his military career. We got back in touch several years ago when his daughter was an infant, and we've been talking since. We got back together on 13 December 12, and we talk everyday. It's a long-distance-relationship, but we've managed to make it work (somehow!).

I'm 38 (soon to be 39! Holy smokes!) and I'm planning on going to school for a degree in Counseling.

Pretty much I write about everything and anything. Nothing's sacred. LOL I'll share my issues with my neighbours (they're sooooo irritating!), my boyfriend's upcoming trip, my friends, my search for God (Oh, yeah, I'm Christian, but I don't force that on anyone).

What I am looking for:

-active posters.
-people who are willing to interact and not lurk. Seriously, I am not a comment whore, and I will comment on your stuff if I've felt that it's something that would add to the "conversation," but I'm not expecting people to comment on every. single. post. i. write. That shit drives me crazy!

Oh, and I do swear. A lot.


I am looking for people I can relate to. If you are decently intelligent, don't talk lyk dis all da tym, you can use proper punctuation and spelling and grammar, are open minded, then by all means, let's chat!

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